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Save Tonight


Fight the break of dawn
come tomorrow
Tomorrow i'll be gone

the blues.

linger on.

I thank the Lord for the successful concert. Somehow the word 'post' has many different meanings, be it to post a letter, being posted to a particular school, post the brand of cereal, lamp post, postman. However, the relatively less commonly used form of this word suddenly means alot to me at this point in time. Post = after an event.

All good things must come to an end. why. perhaps if they dont, that which may be good may not actually seem as good anymore. I guess we ought to understand that we are, at any point in time, in the midst of something. Indeed, some things you dont miss until they leave you. Perhaps things would be more bearable if we choose to cherish and savour each and every moment of whatever we go through, be it good or bad, simply because we know that at the end of it, it will always be good. Certain things are simply beyond the mere understanding of man, and trying desperately to make sense out of everything can eventually drain us. We do not have the full view of things, there will always be unanswered questions. All we can do is to trust that whatever happens, our creator created every single intricate detail which adds up to the perfect picture.

black or white. grey can be a problem. having shades of grey can be a cause for concern.

be it post concert blues or what not, the aftermath is usually bittersweet. this of course, is assuming that the event itself had exceedingly good memories amidst the pain and tears. however, the numbness too, can leave one simply feeling.. numb.

someone once told me, in everything that we go thru in life, we can learn many precious lessons. thus we can always give thanks and enjoy this faith that we possess. Im in full agreement. being in church for prayer meeting, bible study and esp sessions with Pastor Mitch really is such a joy to me. Something Ive been missing out on for many months. Being too attached to smth can kill, esp when its smth that doesnt generate true sustained happiness. It exposes you and slowly devours you. There are many things which i want to do, but painful lessons have taught me not to. Indeed growth does not just come with understanding, but through actions as well.

dance. design. drums.

haha.sometimes we just have to choose to let go when our hands are full. how else can we receive more?

well, just know that.

you'll always be a part of me.

Less than you could handle

i lift my eyes unto the hills
where does my help come from
my help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth

There is security and peace in the wisdom of the eternal Scriptures.
Majestic. He is accountable to no one! :)

im 12 hours away to the matinee, 18 hours to the night show and 32 hours to the final one.
attack like never before.
but i know it will all be over really soon.
too soon. yet it has been too long.
its the subtle things in life which can kill.
there are many things in life which cannot be held onto for a long time.

the wonderful thing about having a 30GB ipod is that you can just dump ALL your songs in there and when you go on shuffle mode, you get a surprise treat all the time. i've been wanting to give special mention to 'Closer to you' by Wallflowers.

how does one detatch himself from something he has been doing all his life? indeed being divided in spirit is a terrible thing.reconciliation!

john mayer is seriously amazing.

hmmm sometimes its not good enough to work hard, but to do well? should we shun competition and venture into 'safer' areas? or should we face harsh challenges and win it all. seriously, just whack all the way esp if its smth that you hold on to for dear life.

looking forward to the dance concert. for friends coming to support. please have fun :) i know you will.

some of the songs chosen really are my fav. perhaps cos they are just very apt. too apt.

no music.
no dance.
no life.

thats that.

fly baby fly. bouncing is just not enough.

you will never know

Yes I'm back again after a really long time. Wonder if anyone even visits this place anymore.

But i guess it doesnt really matter.

Its been a crazy year so far. a speeding car with broken brakes can go pretty wrong. but of course, that's beside the point.


its been almost 2 years since I first started this blog. Who would have imagined where I'd be 2 years down the road from back then? Nowhere close. It used to be a time of post A's, unconventional post prom activities, crazy bumming around times.

Pardon my amateur use of analogies as usual, but life can be like a ball of string. We don't quite know the length just by looking at it from where we are. Each ball of string may take on different forms as well. As our lives are being unravelled slowly, more is being revealed. Of course, along the lifeline, certain parts may be marred by bad experiences and we almost want to snip them off. However, sometimes its only through such courses that strength is built. Afterall, we cannot run away from what we were meant to face. The more we are exposed and stretched, the more flexible we learn to become. We cannot roll out on our own, Someone who knows us best expose us gradually in the desired direction. It's when we choose to bend in opposition that we get all tangled up. It's tragic when kinks are formed simply because we choose not to let go. We fight and struggle so hard in the wrong direction only to find ourselves in a dead knot.

Perhaps its easier to just let go and trust that at the end of the day, when we finally reach the end of the string and look back to the beginning, we will see the full picture. Traces of pain and flawlessness may be observed throughout its length, each string a different story to tell. Of course, some may be intertwined with others, afterall our paths with people do cross. Some bind firmly while others slip through. Such a wonderful idea of the tapestry and the artistic Someone, who could have possibly imagine how magnificent the final outcome would look like?

I was thinking, if I have the opportunity to lie in my deathbed in future and reflect upon my life, what would it be like? If I were to write a book on it, will it be worth reading? or will it just be chucked to the thrashy section of a small rundown bookstore. I used to think, if my book were to have 10 chapters, I'd probably just concluded chapter 3 and am moving on to chapter 4. However, I started to see the importance of living for the present and not too specifically for the future. Who knows when our time on this earth is up? Who knows what may seem like a big ball of string may actually turn out to be much shorter than expected? Face it, the writing process begins now.

Being in a state of apparent comfort can be life-endangering. It blinds you, controls you and eventually seeks to engulf you. There is usually no turning back. However, the promise of Someone can break all bondage. There can be liberty. We can be free.

He is too wise to be mistaken. too good to be unkind.

Trust His heart.

another blog


this is where i'll put up some of my fav things :)

i am so super thankful for Bethany.

some things you wont know they are precious until you dont have them.

some things you wont know they are precious if you had them all along.

i didnt not have them, i found them, and i never ever want to let go off them.


for me, 3rd.

i have never had this form of excitement about anni till this year.

all these possible only because of God's grace. yet another precious thing.


don't look back in anger


walking on by.

close your eyes now

what do you see?


the heartstrings go twang.

joy is the smell of cotton candy at the fun fair, popcorn at the movies.

sadness is the grey of the heavy clouds,dreary eyes of the old.

memories can deliver a smile, fade it away into a glazed stare.

erase = no more.

fill = more.

close your eyes now.
what do you see?

a lie to run away

Yea its been a while as usual. I still remember this time last year, I was having so much fun doing all kinds of things. 2007 currently stands as the most significant year for me, so far.not only was it fun-filled,it was one embedded with rich memories of things which matter to me :)

In a few hours, I'll find myself in another country.another red dot.just that its much bigger on a white rectangular background.yes japan. I am excited yet I really cannot bear to leave. yesyes I know its only for ONE week and its a HOLIDAY. But the whole idea of going overseas just reminds me yet again how life will still go on back home.This is just a holiday, but what about life in general? People come people go,sometimes permanently. Indeed, it's all nothing but a passing phase. Breath, vapour, fleeting realities. I simply can't help but be conscious of this sombre fact. Especially of late, perhaps all these make me the secretly emo-sentimental person that I am. Teacher chenkee mentioned at sunday school that it is only when we learn to extend our worldview from our immediate circle that we will realise how small our problems actually are. Learning to pray for people hurting, not just in our midst, but overseas as well. These arent meant to be just lofty goals. We have to do it.

Think about something which will really cause you to worry or fear about life. Also, something that you simply cannot do without. Then take a step back. Remember the promise God has given. the power to change. the potential to grow strong in spirit. its possible. the last P that must not be left out of course-Prayer.

Yes its good to reflect and be thankful for the things which the Lord has richly blessed us with. One of my fav songs Bright lights mentioned 'some things you dont miss until they leave you'. Its just so sad that it takes us to lose something to truly realise its worth. But does it always have to be this way? NO!

Pain. haha. full of conflict full of pain. the cure for the pain is the pain itself. ouch. That which does not kill you, makes you stronger? jialatjialat.

well, maybe it would really really work if we just try that. I am sure we have heard it many times before, focus on the good and the bad will fade away. well. I certainly am very thankful about many things and I guess maybe its time to let those around me know how much I treasure them, and not jus secretly be thankful in my head. I believe it will really make a special difference to make it known:)

Well. Here's a really nice and meaningful song. thanks for sharing this with me, ben :)

The Cure for the Pain
-by Jon Foreman

I'm not sure why it always flows downhill
Why broken cisterns never could stay filled
I've spent ten years singing gravity away
But the water keeps on falling from the sky

And here tonight while the stars are blacking out
With every hope and dream I've ever had in doubt
I've spent ten years trying to sing these doubts away
But the water keeps on falling from my eyes

And heaven knows, heaven knows
I tried to find a cure for the pain
Oh my lord to suffer like you do
It would be a lie to run away

So blood is fire pulsing through our veins
We're either riders or fools behind the reigns
I've spent ten years trying to sing it all away
But the water keeps on falling from my tries

And heaven knows, heaven knows
I tried to find a cure for the pain
Oh my lord to suffer like you do
It would be a lie to run away
A lie to run
It would be a lie
It would be a lie to run away

Well. I guess it just brings home the idea once again. Perhaps I should just learn to focus more on the Lord and less on myself. Perhaps that's the best cure.


hmm,till im back if im back,